My Secret to Life..

My Secret to Life..

Find your Happiness.. Find your Soul..
And pursue that.

Back in the days, I really dont know what I want in life. Even choosing a course in College I had 6 prospectus in my hands – Civil Engineering, IT, Mascom, Nursing, Accountancy, Architecture. Then my mom told me take up Nursing kasi sikat.. so I agreed.

After graduation, in my 20s, di ko rin alam ano iwork ko. I became Theater Actress, Photographer, IT Project Manager, OR and DR Nurse, Teacher, Social Media Specialist, Secretary, Aesthetic Nurse, Financial Adviser, Real Estate Sales Agent..

My mom that time was quick to judge wala daw akong focus kasi pinag sabay2 ko ung mga trabaho na yan.

I was not afraid to find myself. I tried a lot of things, failed and rejected a lot of times. Transferred from one to the other. May kulang talaga..

Then I tried being a Travel Agent. And for 7 years now in this industry (3 yrs as a staff) (4 yrs as a business owner), I just want to soar higher. I found my soul and dropped everything else for this. Made a life around it. Pursued it, caressed it, lived it. And definitely, I know I am happy.

All the jobs I tried built me, gave me ideas, molded me kung ano ako now which became also my treasure chest sa mga ideas ko today in building my empire. Di nasayang..

I travel, I earn, I teach other travel agents, I make people happy.. This is my Happiness. And I am living it.

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