Asylum Manila Experience

JUST SURVIVED ASYLUM MANILA 😱. Mixed emotions kasama na ang gustong mautot 😂😂

But before I share the narrative of my experience, would like to thank Sir Roland, Sales Manager of Asylum, for this free ocular visit.

Last Tuesday, me and Jorel were set to visit the Asylum Manila as part of our work as Travel Agents. We continuously discover new travel spots and destinations kasi through that we can share to our clients a lot of recommendations. This time we picked Asylum Manila.

This Horror House is located in front of Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word Church in E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave in Quezon City. Ang ironic diba. 🤣😂

Admission fee is 699 on weekdays and 799 on weekends. The property is open from 4pm to 12mn and is open daily.

Upon arrival, we were set to meet Ms. Myra who will be assisting us during our ocular. She asked us to wait at the cafeteria attached to the horror house. Kasi she said her colleague will be the one na sasabay sa amin sa loob. As per her, she doesnt have the guts to walk us inside the property. Never pa daw sya naka pasok kasi takot din sya.. 😱😱😱

Ms. Myra shared some stories about Asylum Manila. The building was once an abandoned building which was then turned to a haunted house. Asylum Manila is more than a thousand sqm, with 50 creepy rooms showcasing gory and scary scenarios. It is an Asylum, a house of the psychos.

I was a nurse, so the word psycho doesnt creep me out cause I have handled a lot of patients having psychiatric disorders and yet I love and respect them. But of course, Asylum Manila is showcasing an extreme of the condition and its goal is to scare the F out of its guests. 🤪🤪

It’s 5pm, Kuya Pretty (forgot his first name), assisted us to sign the waiver and guided us to the entrance. 2 zombie nurses with white contact lenses approached us and gave us instructions about the experience. They made sure that none of us have heart condition that might be a ticking bomb inside. They took photos of us also with their own professional photographer and gave us QR card which was needed every photo session.

For the experience inside, I want to keep it as a secret so I will not spoil your experience.

Some highlights to share why I believe it is worth the visit.

1) It scared me AF
2) The actors were really good and the costumes were believable. Pang international!
3) The rooms were well made and you will be totally immersed to the experience. You will be doing a lot of things inside.
4) 45mins of heart-pumping feeling and 50 plus scary rooms to see. Worth the money.
5) They added relevant scenarios that were from scary movies we are familiar of.

Things to know:
👉 You are not allowed to use your mobile phones
👉 You will be in groups. Kami kasi 2 lang kami since we were doing an ocular.
👉 Some photobooths allow you to take photos using your personal camera but 2 photo booths won’t.
👉 The actors are not allowed to touch you. (Eto yung part na inassure ko kasi takot ako sa hawak2) You are not allowed to touch them also pati mga props.
👉 If di na kaya, you can wave to any cctv para isalba kayo

At the exit, you need to present your QR card so you can retrieve your printed photos. 1 photo is 250 pesos. You can also download the soft copy of the photo from their website.

Souvenir items are available at the cafeteria too.

☝️ For my first horror house experience, I can say that I was able to control myself. I told myself pag di na kaya just close my eyes (kinaya ko naman). Hinawakan ko lang din kamay ng bf ko para di ako matakot. Pati kay Kuya Pretty di ko na sya tinantanan sa hawak. 😂😂😂 I cursed a lot of times kahit di ko normal yun 😅 Pero kahit nag enjoy ako, tanong ako ng tanong if matagal paba, di ko kasi alam if hanggang kailan ko kakayanin…

One thing is for sure… I SURVIVED THE ASYLUM MANILA. Eh kayo? Kaya nyo ba? Share your photos if naka punta na din kayo.. 😁

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